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Looking for cheap removals in the district of Prague?

In the field of moving heavy loads, homes and commercial premises, we are true professionals.

Branch of the Moving Services "FOFR" in Vyžlovka helps you with moving around Říčany and Prague. Our experienced staff will give advice and after detailed planning begins to move.

Moving of apartments, houses and commercial premises

Moving of homes around the Czech Republic and the EU from small apartments to large homes is our routine. We manage with easy relocation of offices, workshops and warehouses, archives, museums and shops. Just arrange the schedule and everything else you can leave it to us. We deliver furniture and equipment at their destination with our own vehicles, as we had previously dismantled and packed, so we will it now also unpack and put to place to your liking. We also provide painting of rooms and disposal of unwanted equipment.

Moving of machinery and heavy loads

The Moving Services "FOFR" specializes in moving of heavy loads, machines and complete plants. We will clean your machines professionally and prepare for transport, deliver them securely in place and again adjust and connect to networks (electricity, water, air).


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