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Moving of flats, houses and other residential premises

We perform moving small and large households. We will glad to provide our services whether you need to move a small apartment or a large house or any residential premises or family villa. We will guide you moving carefree, from the planning to the unpacking in your new home. We are also ready to provide any additional services associated with the moving of houses and flats.

Comprehensive services in household moving

  • Packing,disassembly, unpacking plus deployment and installation furniture after removals.
  • We perform painting of flats or houses during their moving.
  • Consultation and preparation of a timetable for free.
  • We offer moving services to households throughout the Czech Republic and in the EU.
  • Delivery of all packaging material needed to move your household for free.
  • In case of disposal of unwanted furniture and other equipment of your flat or house, we offer the opportunity to remove it to landfill with furnishing waste container. 
  • We will advise you what vehicles you need for your moving and how many workers moving service you should order.


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