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Transport and transfer

We offer reliable and fast transportation of domestic and international routes across Europe. We pursue transporting oversize cargo as carefully as delivery trucks to transport up to 1.5 tonnes deadweight as well as truck traffic. We will deliver your devices, whether it is a furnishing or factory equipment, anywhere you specify, regardless of distance and intensity of transport conditions.

Domestic and international transport includes activities such as:

  • Delivery services – we provide transportation with vans that have capacity to 1.5 tons. Capacity of cars for delivery services is adapted  eg. for pallets, furniture etc.
  • Domestic and international haulage - we realize transporting  larger expenses in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe.
  •  Transport of oversize cargo - we arrange transportation of oversized loads on special vehicles, arrange the necessary permits, escort vehicle and choose the best route for the transport of excessive

As part of our service transportation and transfer contact us on any matter transport from place to place. Thanks to our years of experience moving heavy loads we will manage with everything. 

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