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We will move your company with the least disruption, whether it is an office, warehouse, workshop, shop or other commercial premises, as well as offices, archives, libraries and museums. With our experience we are able to work effectively and to complete the process of the moving of companies very quickly. We are particular about the quality of our work and do not underestimate the risk, so that the equipment of your office or other promises is safe with us.


Comprehensive services in moving of offices and companies

  • Free consultation and drawing up a timetable for moving companies and offices
  • We perform dismantling, wrapping, unwrapping and assembling of all things on site
  • We pack professionally all management records, information technology and other equipment
  • Free supply the necessary packing material
  • We perform painting of offices and other rooms during their moving
  • We arrange disposal of unwanted furniture, equipment and techniques
  • We are moving machinery, heavy loads or safes
  • Moving offices and companies perform throughout the Czech Republic and in the EU


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