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Service Prices

FREE OF CHARGE, we offer you the consultation of a total price of your migration, directly on the spot orders, or by phone or e-mail. The price of moving service includes loading and unloading vehicles, furniture placement to the specified location and its potential assembly and disassembly.

Purchase of packaging material


 Type of vehicle 
 Price for 1km 
 Trucks 25 CZK + 350 CZK per 1 hour parking 
 Vans 18 CZK + 250 CZK per 1 hour parking 
 Personal vehicles

12 CZK

The size of the cargo bay of our vehicles can be viewed in "Vehicles for moving".  

Moving Service

   Price for 1 hour/1 person
 Visit of our technician FREE and WITHOUT OBLIGATION
 Removal work  350 CZK
 Installation work  350 CZK
 Time on the road  280 CZK

Other auxiliary works such as disconnection and connection PC, packing things into boxes, chandelier installation, cleaning, are charged at the standard rate as for the removal work.

Moving of Machinery

Work of removal technicians and installers  350 CZK/1 person/1 hour
Work of slinger  350 CZK/1 person/1 hour 
Work and transport crane - 20 t capacity  1.100 CZK/1 hour + 35 CZK/1 km 
Work and travsport crane - 35 t capacity  1.500 CZK/1 hour + 45 CZK/1 km 
Work and transport crane - 50 t capacity  2.700 CZK/1 hour + 120 CZK/1 km 
Transport of passengers by van  18 CZK/km 
Transport - truck with a sleeper  45 CZK/k + 800 CZK/1 hour parking
Handling of loads  price from 1 CZK /1 kg body weight of the load 

Price for load handling is determined according to the performance of the contract and the terrain. 

 Moving of production units

Work of removal technicians and installers  580 CZK / 1 person / 1 hour
Professional work (electricity, air, water, hydraulics)  580 CZK / 1 person / 1 hour 
Handling with production equipment  from 1 CZK /1 kg body weight of the load

Purchase of packing material

 Packing material   Price
 Shipping box  CZK 170 per 1pc
 Cardboard box  from CZK 59 per 1pc
 Wardrobe box   CZK 250 per 1pc
 Bubble wrap 0,5M   from CZK 6 per 1 meter
 Bubble wrap1M   from CZK 11 per 1 meter
 Stretch foil 2,4kg   from CZK 151 per 1pc
 Adhesive tape  from CZK 15
 Filling material 10l   from CZK 17 
 Rent boxes  CZK 5 / 1pc / 1 day

Prices do not include 21% VAT.

Other specific activities

Moving and installation of production lines, machines, safes

Moving production and assembly lines, machinery and large equipments is so specific issue that each order is calculated individually after the site visit of transport removal devices.

Disposal - transport to the landfill
In the case of disposal of redundant furniture and other equipment of your homes, offices and businesses we offer the opportunity to transport it to contract landfill, with a larger volume of furnishing a waste container. Pricing is individual according to the amount of dumped furniture.


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