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Moving of technologies

The main idea of the FOFR company is to offer customers turnkey services. We have for this purpose the necessary equipment and qualified personnel for permanent solution of the tasks of the highest quality. We have elaborated the handling of the various technologies to the smallest detail, because we know that the operation of the entire  manufacturing enterprise depends on it.

When moving production and assembly lines we proceed systematically in following steps:

  • Documenting equipment
  • Delivery of packaging and cushioning material
  • Disconnection from utility lines
  • Disassembling the lines, distribution into the portable parts
  • Moving out of the building
  • Transport
  • Moving to new premises
  • Assembly lines according to the new layout
  • Anchoring into the floor
  • Balance
  • Installation and connection to the existing distribution
  • Commissioning and control function during test operation

At the customer´s request, we are able to design and install electricity, air, technical gases and data cables. In order to realize all this, we cooperate with several proven and reliable subcontractors.

Professional moving of technologies including complete disassembly and assembly production lines performed throughout the Czech Republic and in European Union.  Our removal services are complete from A to Z.

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