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Moving in the spa town of Třeboň and its surrounding area provide easy!

Choose the right company for moving residential areas, offices and even factories with heavy machines! Branch of the Moving Service "FOFR" for Třeboň and surroundings will ensure quick and professional removal services. We will move you along the Třeboň region, the Czech Republic and the EU. We can move any spaces and we'll deal with heavy objects such as pianos and upright pianos. Our experienced and qualified personnel guarantee that your moving will be comfortable and without the hassle and worry.

Moving machines and heavy loads over Třeboň and surroundings

We are directly specialists for moving heavy loads. We dispose of a very quality technical equipment and knowledges about heavy machines. Your valuable equipment and machines will be in our hands safe, whether it be a single machine or entire factory!

  • First, we discuss your wishes and requirements. Then we plan everything down to the smallest detail, so that the moving goes smoothly. Price is determined after the visit to the site because moving heavy machinery is very specific and individual matter.
  • When we have everything ready, we can get to work. It will be well taken care of the machines, they will be professionally disconnected from the network, exhausted the operating fluid and the machine is cleaned of grease using special organic products and then will be disassembled.
  • Then the machines will be loaded onto transport vehicles assured by us and moved to the new operation. Here are they again expertly assembled, connected to the network and are ready for commissioning.

Households, offices and other premises will move within Třeboň and the Czech Republic.

Before moving will provide free consultation and advice with planning. Then we have no choice but to plunge into work. Our own packaging material saves all your property from scratching, in some cases, we also insure it. Whether you're moving a little flat, archive or museum, we will advise you with everything. All devices will be delivered to a new place where we unpack and place them. We also provide painting space and disposing of unneeded equipment and furniture.


Třeboň Stěhování FOFR
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