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Moving heavy loads and machinery inTábor and its surrounding

Heavy loads are no problem for us! We have a team of experienced professionals to handle the machines and other heavy loads. Even if you need to move the entire factory to the other end of the Czech Republic, you turned to the right company.

How is working moving of machines?

At the beginning of cooperation we will agree on the details and plan everything. The total price is based up on the visit of place, because each type of machine puts different demands on moving equipment and transport devices. After final approval we provide a complete transportation of your equipment in the new factory. Our specialists will disconnect, drain, clean and eventually disassemble the machines. Machines ready to ferry are loaded and taken to a new factory where the machines are then assembled and anchored, balanced and connected to the utilities.

Moving dwelling premises

Over 10 years, we deal with removal services and during that time we have accumulated a lot of experience. Thanks to them, our work is fast and professional. Do not worry about your belongings, they are safe in our hands. We will wrap them professionally and insure them if necessary.  We will move all the devices of your household, whether moving around the Tábor or anywhere in the Czech Republic.

  • Free consultation and drawing up a timetable
  • Arranging insurance and recommendation of suitable vehicles
  • Supplies packaging material to move for free
  • Disassembly, professional packing and unpacking and assembling furniture in a new place
  • Redecoration of premises and disposal of redundant equipment to landfill


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