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Moving Companies in and around Prague

We will guide you throughout the relocation of manufacturing enterprises and smaller businesses including machinery moving from planning to unpack at your new location. We will move you around Prague and the Czech Republic, with minimal interference to your operation. Your business will be moved even beyond the borders and within the European Union.  We have years of experience and practice in moving heavy loads (machines, safes, etc.) in larger cities such as Prague.   

Moving offices not only throughout Prague

We will move your office around Prague and anywhere in the Czech Republic and the EU.  If you don't want to interrupt the operation of the company , there is an opportunity of moving during night. We insist on quality of work but we do not underestimate the risk, because we are insured against any damage suffered and for any damage guarantee it. In addition, we are able to move offices and warehouses, archives, museums and shops.

  • First, we make a free timetable and make consultation about everything you need.
  • After agreement, we prepare our vehicle for safe moving of your property.
  • We dismantle the equipment, carefully wrap it using our free supplied materials and transport it to the designated place. Here we can unpack and build it on the determined location.
  • On your request, we also provide painting old and new spaces.
  • Unnecessary equipment we can move to our contract landfill

Do not hesitate to contact us with any relocation in Prague and throughout the Czech Republic!


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