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Moving Service FOFR – offers moving in and around the city Písek 

If you are looking for a reliable company for moving heavy loads, machinery, moving flats, offices, or even entire plants directly from Písek or surroundings, so you're here right. We will move you anywhere, not only in the district of Písek and the South Bohemian region, but also throughout the Czech Republic and the EU.

You can rely on the Moving Service FOFR. Thanks to years of experience, our work is fast and precise. Do not worrying with moving and refer everything to our experienced experts!

See what we can do, for example:

Moving of heavy loads and machinery

Moving of production lines and technology

1. Professional advice before moving a total calculation after the site visit

1. Free consultation and drafting timetable

2. Ensuring transport machinery and equipment using a reliable transport technology

2. Moving areas with the least possible disruption to the company, eg. at night

3. Depletion of fluids and oils, and cleaning machines and baths with special ecological products from Germany

3. Careful packing and unpacking, dismantling and assembly and any insurance. Free deliver packing material

4. Removal and installation of machines at designated locations with subsequent connection to electricity, water, air ... 

4. We will ensure disconnection of utilities, dismantling and distribution of lines to transport parts and disposing of unneeded equipment

5. Safe positioning of machines and their balance, anchoring and setting up

5. After transportation we provide assembly production lines, wiring, anchoring and commissioning

Písek Stěhování FOFR 

Třebízského 379/4, 397 01 Písek

tel. 724 10 20 20


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