tel: 724 10 20 20

Moving Service "FOFR" branch office Český Krumlov can handle everything!

Our branch of Moving Service "FOFR" based in Český Krumlov offers comprehensive moving of entire operation of factories, which includes even moving machinery or even just moving apartments, including heavy loads.For example, we have experience in  moving pianos and other objects in the castle in Český Krumlov. We have qualified staff with years of experience who are always willing to plunge into a new task and efficiently handle any challenge. Any burden is no problem for us.

  • First of all, we will discuss calm and determine the cost after the inspection sites and facilities and then everything tramples like a clockwork
  • We ensure appropriate transport technology and skilled workers suitable for all your devices.
  • Equipment and machinery will be professionally disconnected, cleaned, disassembled and loaded on the vehicle.
  • At the new location, the machines will be assembled on appointed places, anchored and connected to utilities - and everything is ready for use.


Český Krumlov Stěhování FOFR 
Vyšenská 129
tel.: 724 10 20 20

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