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Comprehensive relocation in the district Czech Budejovice and surroundings

Have you found a new location for the factory in Czech Budejovice, or in its surroundings and do not know how to get there safely all machines? We do! Our professional company, among other things, deals with moving machinery and heavy loads since 2003 and is one of the most reliable companies in the Czech Republic. Through years of experience and precise and efficient work, we are able to move the entire operation of plants with all facilities throughout the district Czech Budejovice and surroundings. After previous appointment and calculation, after the site visit, we begin our work.

We prepare all machines for transport - disconnect them, pour liquids, clean them with a special and high-quality products made in Germany, dismantle it, pack and transport the equipment to a new factory plant where it is again assembled at the agreed spot to anchor and connect to networks.

Rely on us and we will surprise you by our perfect work.

We easily manage moving of companies around České Budějovice!

Are you moving the entire company, shop, library or even a museum? Whether you want to move around the Czech Budejovice, the Czech Republic or the European Union, we can do everything. Let us know, and after a free consultation, we will develop the plan of moving. Do you need to keep your company going? No problem, we will move it at night.

Our experts work quickly and carefully. They disassemble devices, ensure them against damage using us free supplied packaging material. Since underestimate the risk, we concurrently insure your equipment. We will move heavy burdens and safes, nothing is a problem for us. Then we take the device to a new location using our powerful and safe vehicles. There are devices simply assembled and transferred to the agreed position.  If need to be, we can redecorate your new and old office and take the unnecessary things to a contracted landfill.

Each task is a challenge for us!

Partner for the smooth moving of apartments in the district České Budějovice!

We will take you by moving from small apartments to large houses and villas at ease from the planning to the unpacking in a new home in the Czech Republic and the EU.  You can rely on our experienced professionals in everything. We will advise you what will be the most suitable vehicle for your moving and the number of workers to be ordered. We provide you with all the ancillary services related to the moving.

The process is simple: At first, we consult with you for free all your requirements and wishes. We prepare a plan for moving and then we get to work. We dismantle your equipment, pack it using free supplied packaging material and load into vehicles.  If necessary, we paint your previous and oncoming household according to your wishes. Furniture that you don't want, we can take to a contracted landfill. We unpack the furniture and equipment in your new home, assemble it and place according to your wishes.

Our concern is your complete satisfaction!


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